One Thousand and One Nights of Sewing

What a beautiful guest post from the Squiz! I haven’t stopped crying since, but endeavored to write about the second challenge through the tears…

Once the shirt was complete, I had quite a lovely commission from a friend who I met on the dressmaking course at Paulina Diard school.

She had travelled around India and brought back a really beautiful green cotton sari, with which she asked me to make a dress of her own design.

Making bias binding - using ready made for reference

As the eleventh hour came and went, the packing went ignored as I whooped it up with my friends and, in the sober hours, made self-fabric bias binding for the dress. As I’ve mentioned before, and will mention again, I love bias binding with a passion that cannot be tamed. I really need one of these gadgets, but even making it freestyle is a delight. What can I say – I like menial work. That’s what BBC radio iPlayer’s for.

Sewing in action

I was crapping myself somewhat about cutting into irreplaceable fabric, so made first ever muslin– and god I’m glad I did it – I was a couple of centimetres out on the bust. Just… gahhhhh. It really doesn’t bear thinking about.

Puff sleeves going down a storm with passersby

Once the dress was all hunky dory, I had to make some puff sleeves. I must admit, I kind of winged it here (sleeve pun? Uffff). A tutorial is forthcoming on puff sleeves, which are a cakewalk compared to normal sleeves as they don’t actually have to match the armhole. If you see me only wearing puff sleeves from now on (inadvisable, with my shoulders) you’ll know why.

Argh! The dress is so beautiful, my EYES...

Success! The dress fits like a dream, and is apparently very comfortable according to my happy customer.

And with that, all was left was the packing… and that’s a whole other gruesome story.

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  1. abi that’s stunning! you and your clever clogs. love LOVING the tape measure around the neck not to mention the sewing pun – a true pro.

  2. Thanks! I told you I couldn’t resist a pun, and the tape measure is purely for practical reasons (apart from making me feel well snazzy). xx


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