Hiatus hernia

Apologies for the hiatus, my little envelopes of joy! Sometimes real life gets in the way of genius. Even Jesus had a day job.

I did fit some sewing in around the avalanche of work; I’ve been perfecting a self-drafted shell top and have made three versions so far. The fit has been off on them all. If I’d known something so simple was going to be such a pain in the arse, I might have used Colette Pattern’s free sorbetto pattern instead. Probably not though, I am quite pigheaded.

Shell version 1 and 2

Of the first two incarnations, the peach one fits better. The red one is made out of cheap quilting cotton – when will I learn that cheap fabric makes for cheap-looking clothes?

Shell 3, in polka dot and yellow silk

Made out of silk, the third version fits best, and may even fit well when I’ve taken the shoulders up a bit. I seem to have a recurring fit problem of gappyness (yeah it’s a technical tem) in the shoulder and armscye areas – perhaps I need to make a small bust adjustment in my patterns, maybe I have narrow shoulders, or perhaps I’m just an idiot who always places the straps too far apart. Who knows!

Vogue - strike a pose

I’m trying to do that model thing here. It was supposed to be funny. For a better fit, I should submit to the inevitable and make a sloper. Lord above, Wikipedia says that a muslin is also known as a toile in English. Learning all of my sewing terms from US blogs and Spanish drafting lessons has really cocked a snook to my Queen’s English.

I did some other sewing too, but I’m tired, so tired. Let me leave you with the fabric Mr Dressmaker brought with him recently from the piles of stuff I left behind in Chile.

Cotton, silk and rayon scraps

Beautiful, beautiful scraps – cottons from a shirt commission, a fine silk I bought in Paris and two Liberty cottons all used for boxers. I can’t chuck these and yet they are so small… is the time of quilting upon us? I’ll probably use them up feeding my bias binding addiction.

Swimming costume fabric

Swimming costume fabric. I dig the seventies vibe, but I’m still a bit scared of sewing knits in general and this fabric in particular without an overlocker. The internet has a lot of information about sewing swimming costumes without one, but gahhhhh and ARGHHHH. Give me a valium.

Hearts Ikea fabric

This upholstery fabric is originally from Ikea, via god-knows-where, to a shop on Bandera and from thence into my fabric collection. I was going to make a cropped jacket like this one out of it, but now I think again that seems rather… inadvisable. A pencil skirt, perhaps? Just looking at it is challenging my finely tuned aversion to tweeness.

It might be destined to make a new pencil case because I’ve gone back to school! Yes, my fashion design course at EAMODA has finally begun. Certified fashion designs coming to this space soon.

That Dressmaker Sibling has done fun things to the blog design again. Some people manage to squeeze in both real life and genius.

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  1. I always assumed those Ikea fabrics on Bandera were counterfeit. You think it’s the real deal?

    Nice silk scraps. You could make a scrap tie.

  2. Unfortunately I don’t know anyone who wears ties, or that would be ideal!

    I’m pretty sure the fabrics are genuine, I’ve seen the prints around the internets and the fabric’s really high quality. I would love to know how they ended up in Bandera! There’s a story idea for you – the black market demand for Ikea prints.

  3. caballosalvaje

     /  March 26, 2012

    Scrap bow ties maybe?


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