All is Calm

Christmas is coming! For me, that means there are only FOUR WEEKS left till I (hopefully) graduate, and, less terrifyingly, it means the Christmas fair at Eamoda. Every six months there is a student fair in the school, and for the Christmas fair we make another outfit based on our catwalk show theme. It would usually involve reinterpreting the theme to design some more saleable clothes, but as our show was already supposed to be casual wear this time round it just meant making more of the same.


short metalica

So, my outfit. Nothing too adventurous – a shell top and some chiffon shorts with an elasticated belt made from a leftover bit of lasercut pleather (the lasercutting man cut two of the same sleeve – durrr).


We also made all the accessories for the show – I made this bracelet in the heat press using some PVC jewellery-making stuff called brillopal, heat transfer foil, and some little metal birds given to me by my awesome jeweller friend Jennie, the genius behind Á la Pop. Thanks Jennie!

Remember the installment of Fashion Barometer Friday on shell tops? Gosh, that seems like a long time ago (it was, in fact – 2011!). Well, now you can’t move without tripping over about a hundred of them, right? I wonder what new style of top will replace them: a little barometer Isabel tells me that spaghetti straps are back. What have I done to deserve this? A plague on all our houses.

You may have noticed a new Twitter feed wotsit on the sidebar – I am now tweeting about works in progress and random photos of my life in Buenos Aires at @abigailwilki – come and say hello!

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  1. Ugh, the struggle I had to buy a green shell top to wear with a fancy skirt to a wedding this summer! Of course, I found the very thing a month later on sale. One of the few occasions I would have been happy to pay retail.

    Spaghetti straps: I won’t be. If you didn’t have the right shoulders for them in the 90s, you certainly don’t know. I mean, I love my shoulders. They deserve the best I can give them, which is, at the very least, an inch of fabric.

  2. Good luck with the work you have left. You can do it!
    I really love that top.

    • Thanks so much! I am thinking about postponing one exam until early next year (luckily I can do that without penalty), but I’m trying to get over my disappointment and think about finishing the course well rather than quickly.

      • That’s great you can do it without penalty. You’ll get more satisfaction from doing well instead of rushing through it.

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